About DCX Bullion

At DCX Bullion we are focused about on securing our clients’ wealth over a long period, moving it out of currencies such as the Rand and investing in physical bullion.

Our vision is to create awareness around the long term benefits of owning Gold, Silver, and Platinum bullion, and to support our clients with world class vaulting and secure door-to-door delivery solutions.

The world is already in the greatest financial crisis in history. As with all challenges, this also presents opportunities. Understanding these opportunities are key to turning a crisis into a wealth-building foundation. We believe that physical bullion provides this lifeboat during these economic storms.

Per Aspera Ad Astra – a Latin phrase meaning “Through Hardships to the Stars”. Let Gold, Silver, and Platinum be the Stars that guide your wealth through the upcoming Hardships.

Return Policy,


Most people have never purchased commodities such as Gold, Silver and Platinum. Knowledge is vital in order to make the most of your investment. There is an entry and exit point, and it is crucial to understand when to invest in and when to liquidate your bullion. DCX Bullion provides a 360 degree solution, assisting you with secure purchasing, holding, and liquidation of your bullion at the right time.

Online Purchasing

  • Owning bullion has never been easier. You can now purchase your own Gold, Silver or Platinum at the click of a button.
  • Our online store offers a variety of products to suit investors of any level.
  • Purchasing can be done at any time of the day.

In conjunction with our exclusive logistics and vaulting partner, Fidelity Services Group, we offer:

Insured Vaulting

  • We offer annual vaulting contracts for bullion storage in high-value hardened vaulting facilities. These facilities are under 24-hour, monitored, off-site CCTV surveillance, with armed reactions teams.
  • Insured, armoured transportation for your bullion to vaulting facilities.
  • Insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London.

door-to-door delivery

  • Nationwide door-to-door delivery and collection.
  • Transportation by armoured response vehicles, unmarked vehicles, and tactical teams.
  • Insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Our Buy Back Guarantee

When the right time comes to liquidate your physical bullion, we will help facilitate the process. We buy back your bullion at the best market related price.

The buyback of DCX Bullion products are processed within 72 hours. External, non-DCX Bullion products will need to be verified for purity and quality, and as a result the liquidation process can take longer

Our Partners

Strong partners are essential to every successful endeavour. At DCX Bullion we have teamed up with
some of the biggest names in the business, allowing us to offer you exceptional products, and world class, secure services.

Fidelity Services Group:

The safety and storage of your investment is one of our primary concerns. As our exclusive security partner, the Fidelity Services Group allows us to offer our clients world-class vaulting facilities and secure door-to-door delivery services.

Global Gold Exchange:

As an authorised Rand Refinery dealer, S.A.D.P.M.R. Beneficiation permit holder, and SAAND member with 30 years of experience, Global Gold Exchange is the sensible choice for all our minting and manufacturing needs. This partnership allows us to offer our clients Gold, Silver, and Platinum bullion of exceptional quality and exquisite beauty.

About Skynet Worldwide Express:

Our partnership with Skynet Worldwide Express – the world’s largest independently owned courier company – ensures that your bullion reaches you safely, in good time. SkyNet utilises state-of-the-art tracking and security solutions to provide fully insured shipping to 156 countries. This means that your bullion will safely find its way into your hands, no matter where in the world you might be.

Tax Consulting South Africa:

Tax Consulting South Africa (TCSA) serves as our Tax Partner providing highly specialised services and advice regarding South African and international tax and tax-related law to customers relying on preserving their wealth. TCSA can advise you on tax related matters regarding Capital Gains Tax (CGT), emigration and movement of your bullion across borders, and incorporating bullion into estate planning.

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