DCX Bullion offers you the opportunity to become a regular investor. By joining our Monthly Medallion Club you can start stockpiling bullion at fees that suit your specific needs and pocket.

Putting a small portion of your savings into bullion every month not only allows you to grow the amount of bullion you personally own, but also offers an investment that is likely to continue growing despite any potential financial or political turmoil. Because bullion is hedged to the Dollar, you will essentially be investing your wealth in a Dollar based product, and out of the Rand.

As an added bonus, Monthly Medallion Club Members enjoy free vaulting and insurance for up to R1 million worth of stored bullion.

How it works:

Step 1: 
Select a package

Step 2: 
Activate a monthly debit order for the package

Step 3: 
Every month you will purchase a portion of either silver or gold bullion, depending on the package you have selected. Your bullion will be allocated to you as per the value of the bullion on the day of your payment.

Step 4:
Your bullion will accumulate up until you own an ounce medallion, which will then be delivered* to you, or vaulted** in our Fidelity High-Security Vault as per your choice. In the month of delivery or vaulting, any surplus funds from your payment will be allocated towards the amount accumulating towards your next ounce.


Silver Packages:

Package 1: R375
Package 2: R850
Package 3: R1,600
Package 4: Name Your Price

* Note Silver ounce medallions will be delivered via Postnet-to-Postnet or secured courier services to your doorstep.

Gold Packages:

Package 1: R500
Package 2: R1,500
Package 3: R3,000
Package 4: Name Your Price

* Note Gold ounce Medallions will be delivered via secured courier services to your doorstep.

Platinum Packages:

Package 1: R450
Package 2: R1200
Package 3: R2500
Package 4: Name Your Price

* Note Platinum ounce Medallions will be delivered via secured courier services to your doorstep.

** Vaulting and Insurance fees on vaulted bullion are FREE for Monthly Medallion Club members up to the bullion value of R1 million.

*** All packages are subject to a 5% Monthly Membership which is included in your monthly contribution.

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