Gold is a long-term investment, offering you the opportunity to secure wealth for your retirement or your family’s next generation. It is not for short-term speculation.

Golds have been around for thousands of years, both as an important metal and as a form of monetary exchange. Historically, In the 1800s, most countries printed paper currencies that were supported by their values in Gold. This became known as the Golds Standard. In 1971, US President Richard Nixon removed the Gold Standard, and Gold became a stand-alone asset.

The price of Gold skyrocketed once it was removed from the dollar, and in less than 10 years it rose from a value of $40 to $2,249 per ounce – in relative terms – by 1980. Subsequently, the US Dollar has been depreciating in value ever since, allowing the FED to print vast amounts of Dollars and diluting the buying power it once possessed.

Physical Golds bullion has long been an inflationary hedge against the depreciation of all currencies, and the demand will continue to increase as we go forward into the uncertain global economic future.

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